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 The ebook "Learn from the champions in Horizon 2020"

The ebook 'Learn from the champions in Horizon 2020'

The ebook “Learn from the champions in Horizon 2020” by Nikolaos Floratos follows the previous one “Who are the Horizon 2020 Champions”. It provides hints and tips that are applied by the champions in Horizon 2020 and it identifies also who are the Horizon 2020 champions all over Europe and in each country. This free e-publication based on the analysis of 4190 H2020 projects and 7804 organisations that have been awarded an Horizon 2020 grant based on the data provided by the European Commission under Cordis on 24 June 2015. It is more than 300 pages and it should be placed next to your desk or in your desktop for immediate and daily reference in case you wish to get successful in Horizon 2020 but also to get ideas for the other funding programmes.

publication can be downloaded here.

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