RCTT at Seminar for Energy-Saving Technologies in Baranovichi

Owing to the support from the UNDP Office, Mr. M.F. Denisenko was delegated to represent RCTT at the Seminar "Energy-Efficient Technologies. Achievements and Prospects", held for the personnel of the local enterprises of Baranovichi city on 23 September.  The seminar, organized by the municipal authorities of Baranovichi, involved the chief engineers and power engineering staff coming from the most of the key enterprises of the city, e.g. the Commercial Equipment Plant, the Automatic Unit Plant, the Machine-Tool Tackle and Tool Plant of Baranovichy, Baranovichidrev Public Company and many others.


Winter is on our doorstep, so it brings forward the problems related to heating of production shops and yards as the top-urgency topic to be taken up. Mr. Denisenko spoke to the audience to highlight the most promising energy-efficient and power-saving technologies from abroad and Belarus. Thus, in particular, RCTT acted for Kuebler Company (Germany), the developer of a technology for radiant heating that allows saving 30 to 50% of natural or liquefied gas. The compact suspended-type heaters by Kuebler are notable for their high reliability and serviceability, noiseless operation, absence of obstacles to cranage. They are economical as heating facilities both for spacious production shops and particular work site spots.


Besides the Kuebler radiant heaters, RCTT presented a domestic technology for the power industry purposes and the relevant equipment set developed for logging and lump wood processing. It was of great interest to the participants of the seminar. Baranovichidrev Public Company, the host of the seminar, a major local consumer of waste wood for its own power supply needs, now plans to supply the surplus of the heating vapor to some neighbour enterprises.


Usually, the executive committee of Baranovichi organizes seminars on energy problems once in every three months. RCTT agreed to be a regular participant of such events.