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   Switch to Russian 2004 * September 2004 * 24.09.2004 Sunday, January 19, 2020  
 RCTT Hosts Seminar for Head Scientists

A seminar on innovation management was held at RCTT on 24 September. The event was meant and organized by the Academy of Public Administration for the key personnel of the scientific and technical sector. The audience considered the report “Technology Transfer as the Element of the National Innovation Activity" delivered by Mr. A.A. Uspenskiy, director of RCTT. Another report, titled "IT-Based and Library Resources of Science and Technology to Support the Innovation Processes", was presented by Director of the Republican Library on Science and Technology Ms R.N. Sukhorukova. The agenda of the seminar provided for a roundtable session dedicated to the topic "Innovation Management as the Basis for the National Policy for Normalization of the Economy". First Vice President of the National Academy of Science, academician P.A. Vityaz and First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus Mr. V.I. Nedilko  joined the roundtable session.

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