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 Model contracts for licensing interoperability information

Model contracts for licensing interoperability information

On RCTT's website in section "Manuals" we’ve published an electronic copy of the publication of the European Commission

Model contracts for licensing interoperability information. (Interoperability Information Licence Agreement). Luxembourg, Publications Office of the European Union. 2014 - 29 p. ISBN: 978-92-79-39867-4, DOI: 10.2759/65590

The Interoperability Information Licence Agreement (INTILA) is a configurable and adaptable model licence, which is proposed as a template to license Interoperability Information (including API’s, formats and protocols) in order to allow the licensees to design and exploit licensee interoperable products. It should allow licensors and licensees to reduce transaction costs by selecting, using and adapting a set of commonly accepted contract terms. If not used as a template, the INTILA could also be used as a check list and should raise the users’ awareness on some key licensing issues to be addressed and negotiated by the parties. It should help companies to define a clear, unambiguous and legally consolidated framework that is favourable to the development of products interoperable with their technologies. The Licence is drafted neutrally to cover patents, copyrights and trade secrets. It suggests many options and alternatives, to be chosen from according to the nature of the product and the licensor's legal, commercial, technical or political objectives and strategy. The clauses and options are commented and explained in a “elucidations and comments” section which is conveniently placed in the right column of the document.

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