The ICE-Project Events Will Take Place in Minsk on January 2015

The partner meeting and the international conference of the project "ICE - Innovation, Creativity and Equality" will be held in Minsk on 21-22 January 2015.
The project ICE is the Swedish Institute project of the Thematic Partnerships in the Baltic Sea region program with overall objective to foster economic growth and competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region through increasing SME's innovation capacity and equality, especially in the sectors of tourism, and cultural and creative business. The project partners are 6 organizations form 5 countries: Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Poland. The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer represents Belarus.
It is planned, that the agenda of the ICE-Project events will include:
- The partner meeting with discussion of project's development and how to proceed.
- The ICE International conference "Tested methods in innovation system and individual examples", open to the public. The conference will be devoted to discussion of methods and actions that are currently used in the participation countries for support innovations among women and/or in economic sectors such as tourism, cultural and creative business.
- Visiting Belarusian innovation organizations and firms.