Section "Manuals" Updated

On 15 September a new document has been added to the section “Manuals” on RCTT’s Web portal. The document titled “Guidelines on the Procedures of Competitive Selection and Implementation of Innovation Projects Funded by Belarusian Innovation Foundation” has been developed within the framework activity of Project “Developing an Infrastructure to Support Innovation Activity in the Republic of Belarus”, a project for international technical cooperation of the Belarusian Government, UNDP and UNIDO. The “Guidelines” provides for the requirements to be met by the innovation projects meant to be financed from the funds that Belarusian Innovation Foundation receives from legal entities clearing their liabilities in concern with repayment of the loans that they have taken for the purposes of funding of innovation projects. The document also covers the procedure related to the competitive selection, the financial procedures, as well as the organizational framework for implementation of the projects.