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 RCTT Signs Agreement with Kübler GmbH (Germany)

In accordance with the terms of the signed agreement, RCTT assumes placing an Internet reference link of the Web site of Kübler GmbH (www.kuebler-hallenheizungen.de) on the e-portal of RCTT (http://ictt.by), as well as rendering the service in search of business  partners in Belarus' and abroad.


Kübler GmbH specializes in design, production, installation and maintenance of energy-efficient heating systems for production works and public buildings (warehouse, production premises, gymnasiums, hangars, workshops, exhibition pavilions) on the basis of the so-called gas infrared emitters. The enterprise’s products are well known across Europe and Russia.


The main advantages of the heating systems by Kübler GmbH:

  • energy saving rates 30 to 50 %, in comparison with the traditional heating systems;
  • rapid heating;
  • noiseless operation;
  • the possibility of zone heating;
  • serviceability;
  • absence of water in heating systems – therefore, no danger of the systems’ frosting up;
  • no need of boiler rooms;
  • modular design of the heating systems,  etc.

The technical characteristics of the Kübler heating systems are stipulated on the Web site of the company (www.kuebler-hallenheizungen.de). The information on the site is available in German, Russian, Hungarian and Czech.

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