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   Switch to Russian 2014 * July 2014 * 17.07.2014 Sunday, January 19, 2020  
 RCTT and the Guangdong-CIS International Technological Cooperation Union signed the Cooperation Agreement
On July, 17, 2014 director RCTT Dr. Alexander Uspenskiy and the General Secretary of the Guangdong-CIS International Technological Cooperation Union Mr. Guo Fenchzhi have signed the Cooperation agreement.
The agreement provides close cooperation in areas:
- Technology transfer between Belarus and China;
- Preparation and retraining of experts in the field of technology transfer;
- Organizing exhibitions, conferences, seminars in Belarus and China;
- Realization of joint international projects.
The Union became 79th foreign partner of RCTT.
Under the agreement, RCTT is able to place its customers innovative projects on the Union website
http://www.gdkjlm.com/ and the Union - on the web RCTT http://ictt.by.

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