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 9th Issue of Catalogue of Innovation Projects and Elaborations on RCTT’s Web Portal- 30 August 2004

Issue 9 of Catalogue of Innovation Projects and Elaborations, a research and development miscellany by the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, is available on RCTTs’ e-portal from 30 August.


The Catalogue is subdivided by topics into 12 sections that comprise the total of 198 projects. The projects represent the summary outcome of the state scientific and technical programmes, as well as innovation projects fulfilled within 2002 in social fields and in development of new technologies, novel machinery and materials.


Most of the projects are notable for their research and technological novelty, being up to the world counterparts’ level or exceeding it, while being considerably less costly. This primarily concerns science-intensive small-scale production pieces, instrument making, new information and telecommunication systems and technologies, chip engineering, integrated circuits and microelectronics, computer technologies and biotechnology.


The Catalogue covers a vast array of projects on creation and use of composite materials and those with special characteristics, engineering coatings, new chemical compounds; there are also agricultural projects on energy-saving equipment, application of biotechnolologies, land protection, processing and storage of agricultural products.

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