RCTT at the 11th China Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair

CCHTF 2014

Dr. Alexander Uspenskiy, Director of RCTT, in the delegation of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) with the support of the Harbin International Technology Transfer Center (HITTC) within the Agreement on Cooperation between RCTT and HITTC from 19.06.2008 took part in The 11th China Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair (CCHTF 2014) and The 7th China International Exhibition of Military & Civil Technologies (CIEMCT 2014) (was held on 10-13 April in Chongqing, China). Members of the delegation: Dr. Aliaxandr Sukalo, Deputy Chairman of the NASB – the head of the delegation; Dr. Anatoly Gordienko, Director of the Physical-Technical Institute of NASB – a member of the delegation; Dr. Alexander Uspenskiy, Director of RCTT - a member of the delegation).
The delegates’ mission comprises promotion of the advanced and hi-tech products of the NASB, search of business partners and sources of funds for the innovation and investment projects being supported by the RCTT.
The exhibition plays an important role in promoting international scientific cooperation and technology transfer. This year's event was attended by representatives from 26 foreign countries, particularly the U.S., Germany, Italy, Finland, Taiwan, Israel, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.
Delegation NASB represented developments of “
The Catalogue of Innovation Projects and Developments by Organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus 2011”.
During the exhibition, the delegation:
   1. Conducted more than 30 talks with representatives of Chinese companies and organizations;
   2. Visited Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CIGIT);
   3. Participated in the meeting with Mr. Wu Gang, the Deputy Mayor of Chongqing Municipal Government;
   4. Participated in the International Hi-Tech Mach-Making Meeting;
   5. Informed the participants of the exhibition of scientific and technical achievements of NASB, services and information resources provided by RCTT for foreign companies and investors.

The greatest interest Chinese organizations and companies have shown for the following services and technologies of organizations NASB:
   - preparation of masters and graduate students;
   - materials based on titanium alloys and steels;
   - UAV;
   - membrane technologies for water and air purification;
   - technologies for monitoring atmospheric pollution;
   - cooperation in the field of investment and technology transfer.

Agreements reached in the framework of the exhibition, will be enshrined in the agreements to be signed in the fourth quarter of 2014 during the visit of the delegation CIGIT to NASB.