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 Seminar for Business Entities in the Innovation Activity Domain - Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A seminar for the business entities involved in the innovation activity took place in Minsk on 21 July. The event, hosted by the Committee on Economy at the Municipal Council of Minsk, was dedicated to the topic “Innovations and Problems of the Business in Minsk: the Current State, Problems and Prospects for the Future”.


Head of Administrative Department for Entrepreneurship of the Municipal Council Mr. Kalinovskiy, Director of Belarusian Innovation Foundation Mr. Grishanovich, Deputy Director of Academtechnopark Innovation Association Mr. Kuzmin took part in the seminar. Director of RCTT Mr. Uspenskiy presented his report "Services and the Information Resources Provided by the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer to Innovation Activity Agents".


Among the issues taken up during the seminar there were, in particular, those related to financial, organizational, juridical and information support of the local SMEs, the problems caused by the administrative obstacles to developing business activity and the ways to overcome the problems.

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