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 Report from the Conference "Creating Markets from Research Results"
On the website of RCTT under "Manuals" is placed report which was issued as a follow-up to the international conference "Creating markets from research results". In the conference co-organised by the European Patent Office, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the Technische Universität München in Munich on 6-7 May 2013 participated about 300 representatives from 40 countries. The report was acquired by RCTT due to information exchange within the project NoGAP.
This report is designed to highlight the main points and findings raised during the presentations and discussions at the conference in Munich.
Contents of the report:
   - Introduction
   - A new mission for public research
   - New forms of university-industry collaboration
   - Entrepreneurship in universities
   - Better intellectual property policies for universities
   - Awareness of intellectual property in universities
   - Incentives for disclosing inventions and data
   - Technology transfer offices: direction and governance
   - Future questions for how universities manage intellectual property
   - Summary
PDF-Version of the report is available to download here.

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