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 "Lady Boss-2014" Contest in Belarus
Contest for the best business woman "Lady Boss-2014", organized by Women's Resources LADY.TUT.BY, on the territory of Belarus held for the third time. To date in the contest, 12 competitors were identified to participate in the final, which will be held in June 2014. An introduction of participants who fell in the final can be found here (in Russian).
RCTT has an interest in the contest "Lady Boss-2014" due to the fact that RCTT is a member in the The Swedish Institute project of the Thematic Partnerships in the Baltic Sea region program - "Innovation and Creativity Equality" (ICE). The project started on 1st December 2013 with overall objective to foster economic growth and competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region through increasing SME's innovation capacity and equality, especially in the sectors of tourism, and cultural and creative business. The project partners are 6 organizations form 5 countries: Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Poland. The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer represents Belarus.
"Project "Lady Boss" - is a great opportunity for any business woman to get on a new level, to broaden their horizons and gain a powerful internal push for further development of both professional and personal.

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