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 Delegates from Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology paid visit to RCTT
A group of delegates from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) visited RCTT during their visit to the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) on 26 March 2014. The group was headed by Ass. Prof. Dr. Ninh Khac Ban, Director General of the International Cooperation Department of VAST.

The purpose of the visit - the preparations for the joint conference in Vietnam in November 2014 , and discussion of mechanisms for the implementation of joint scientific - technical projects.

There were taken up prospects for collaboration between the Academy and RCTT in the technology transfer sphere. Vietnamese delegation were proposed to organize trainings of Vietnamese staff by RCTT’s specialists in the field of technology transfer and  execute mailing of Belarusian technological technology offers and technological requests to scientific organizations and innovative enterprises of Vietnam for establish contacts with potential partners.

Reference information. RCTT cooperating with the Center for Training, Consultancy and Technology Transfer, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology training in the framework of the Cooperation Agreement signed on September 07, 2012.

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