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 Kick-off Meeting of the ICE Project
The kick-off meeting of the The Swedish Institute project of the Thematic Partnerships in the Baltic Sea region program - "Innovation and Creativity Equality" (ICE) took place in Linköping (Sweden) on February 4-5, 2014. The project partners are 6 organizations form 5 countries: Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Poland. The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer represents Belarus.
Within the ICE project we want to:
   - foster economic growth and competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region (BSR) through increasing SME's innovation capacity and equality, especially in the sectors of tourism, and cultural and creative businesses.
   - utilize the knowledge, best practices, from various organizations - social non-profit organizations, public sector and private companies - in terms of increasing SME innovation capacity in female-dominated sectors such as tourism, and cultural and creative businesses (TCCI).
   - develop and disseminate methods around common challenges based on innovation-development in SMEs linked to TCCI.
The meeting gathered about 15 participants from 5 countries. Activities in Linköping included:
   - study visit at
Almi centre for innovation support
   - presentation by entrepreneur Ms Kerstin Gunnarsson on business development from idea to own firm "Hooked on nature"
   - presentation by Ms Annika Nordström (Motala Municipality) on employee driven innovation in public sector organization
   - presentation by Prof. Elisabeth Sundin and Assoc. Prof. Malin Tillmar (Helix Vinn Excellence Centre at Linköping University) - "An Overview on Gender and Innovation"
   - discussion of work packages of the project
Next project meeting will be held in September in Riga (Latvia).

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