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№ (TO)Title of Exhibit
2252SRS and OPO conversions laser systems.
2254The heterostructures
2256Increasing the biomolecules fluorescence intensity
2258Fiber-optic quantum cryptography system SKRK-1
2260Complex lidar and radiometric observations of the atmosphere and the Earth's surface
2262Passive Q-switched erbium lasers
2264Electro-optical Q-switched erbium lasers
2266Pulsed Nd:YAG Diode-Pumped Lasers
2270Eye-safe radiation OPO based on Nd: YAG laser
2272Powerful Nd:YAG laser for lidar
2274Compact quasi-continuous laser
2276Pulsed ultraviolet laser
2278Converters and microconverters of radiation from blue to green spectral range
2280Optical elements Laser optics and coatings
2282Hardware and software for person identification by iris
2288Compact terahertz spectrometer
2290Multichannel fiber-optic system for transmission of microwave synchrosignal to APAA
2292Mobile laser spectrometer
2298High-speed laser marker
2306Remote gas analyzer based on C02-laser
2308Optical analyzer of CO2 in the air
2310Miniature photoacoustic gas analyzer based on near-IR diode laser
2312Concentration measurer of water in oil and petroleum products
2314Multidetector gamma-spectrometers
2318Phototherapeutic apparatus "Malysh" for treatment of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia and bilirubin analyzer "ANKUB spectrum"
2324Apparatus for ultraviolet blood irradiation "Gemokvant-04"
2326Therapeutic apparatus "Ekstrasens"
2328Phototherapeutic apparatus "LOTOS"
2330Laser dosimeter of singlet oxygen
2332Apparatus for optical express diagnostics of tumors
2334Complex of systems for calibration of average power and laser radiation energy measuring instruments ("SCMIP", "SCMIE")
2336Complex for measurement of photometric, radiometric, spectral-radiometric and spatial characteristics of solid-state light sources (device "Prostor LD-LED", complex "Lyambda UV")
2338National standard units of average power, attenuation and wavelength of the optical radiation for fiber-optic communication and information transfer systems (FOCS)
2340Center of Analytical and Spectral Measurements
2418Application of metal nanoparticles to enhance efficiency of nanocrystalline (semiconductor quantum dots) and microcrystalline (rare-earth doped) luminophores
2431Creation of a two-frequency ultraviolet radiation source for the ozone tropospheric lidar
2435Technology of use of metal nanoparticles to enhance efficicency of nanocrystalline (semiconductor quantum dots) and microcrystalline (rare-earth doped) luminophores
2445Solid-state multi-wavelength laser system
2447The optical stimulator of hydrobionts (embryos, eggs, fish sperm, live food)
2561Pulsed Nd: YAG laser without forced cooling with a pulse energy of 40 mJ
2564Pulsed Nd: YAG laser without forced cooling with a pulse energy of 65 mJ
2565Portable two pulse Nd: YAG laser for spectral analysis with pulse energy up to 50 mJ
2567Erbium Q-switched active laser with pulse energy of 10 mJ
2570Powerful Erbium Laser
2572OPO based on Nd: YAG laser with passive Q-switching and pulse energy 15 mJ
2576APPARATUS «Rodnik-1»
2578Retinal stimulator
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